In the Breakdown's last show of 2014 Big Shot Bob and Rocky are talking about the NFL Playoffs in Segment 1 and 2. In Segment 3 the guys talk about Charlotte Hornets basketball and what they can do better. And in Segment 4 we talk about the College Football Playoffs and we predict who will win this week's game. And of course we have all the favorite Segments in the show Dummies of the Week, Breakdown True or False and Big Shot says Bon Voyage to some players. From the Breakdown we hope everyone has a safe and great New Years. You can listen to us on Stitcher.com, Spreaker.com and Itunes. You can also to all our shows at our website at Breakdownsportsshow.com and follow us on twitter @breakdownnc.

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We are a sports podcast from Charlotte, NC. We talk about all sports and have a special style about our podcast. - BSS Carolinas is hosted by Big Shot Bobby Roberson,James Rocky Summitt, Urban Nerd and Smoochy. We are located in Charlotte NC. We...

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