On BSS Carolinas this week Rocky, Big Shot and Easy go around the world to share all the top stories of the week. This week we talk about the ESPY's and share what Rhonda Rousey had to say about Floyd Mayweather. In Segment 2 we talk about MLB and the All Star Game. In Segment 3 we share our Dummies Of The Week. And in Segment 4 we say Bon Voyage and we play our newest game called We Got 2 Words For Ya. If you have any Dummies Of The Week you would like to share tweet us @bsscarolinas or let us know on our facebook page. You can listen to us each week on Stitcher.com, Spreaker.com, Itunes, and Iheartradio. And remember sports is life and you can catch us everywhere.

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We are a sports podcast from Charlotte, NC. We talk about all sports and have a special style about our podcast. - BSS Carolinas is hosted by Big Shot Bobby Roberson,James Rocky Summitt, Urban Nerd and Smoochy. We are located in Charlotte NC. We...

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